Collade Customs agency services LUHAMAA TERMINAL and KOIDULA TERMINAL are located in the immediate vicinity of European Union eastern boarder international road crossing points Luhamaa (Лухамаа) - Šumilkino (МАПП Шумилкино), road E77 and Koidula (Койдула) - Kunitšina Gora (МАПП Куничина гора), road 63/A212, and are opened 24/7 for customs clearance.

Collade´s customs agency objective is to provide the high-quality and professional services of customs agencies for international car carriers, forwarding agents and external traders in the storage and handling of goods along with a customs terminal and customs warehouse facilities. Our service package includes customs documentation, consultation and provision of information to the carrier or their clients.
Collade´s customs agency experienced and professional team ensures rapid and smooth customs service rendering. We are helping you with practical advises on classifying the goods, calculating customs duty and preparing suitable customs documentation. We are conducting customs procedures such as import, export, goods on transit and customs agent services allowing our customers having a delay on paying customs taxes (VAT and state fees). In case of an agreement we are paying all the stipulated taxes to the Tax and Customs Board on behalf of our client on the goods arrived on the name of client´s that will ensure the speed of the goods movement, prevents needless halts and optimizes arising costs in every way.


Collade tolliagentuuri services:

> Settles customs documents and procedures and arranges all the documentation necessary for international cargo transportation: customs declarations, transit guarantees, CMR, TIR Carnet.
> Guarantee of cargo on external Community transit (T1).
> Preparation of import and export declarations.
> Approval for free circulation, incl. approval for free circulation with exemption from VAT for conveyance to another member state (procedure 42).
> Preparation of the TIR carnet and CMR (international waybill).
> The tariff classification of goods (designation of commodity code).
> Submission of requests for licences or special regulations.
> Consulting of trade and customs relations.
> Execution of all freight accompanying documentation for goods to dispatch to Russia, the European countries and countries of EACU.
>Insurance of legal liability for the payment of customs taxes and customs transit fees for EACU.

Customs terminal and customs warehouse services:

> Acceptance of goods, inspection of their quantity and condition compliance.
> Change of ownership of the goods in customs storage.
> In case of need, placing the goods on pallets or repackaging the goods.
> Cargo marking and labeling.
>Placing and storing of the goods in the warehouse. The procedure allows for goods from outside of the territory of the Community to be held in the customs warehouse without import duties having to be paid (VAT, customs duty, excise duties) or commercial policy measures being implemented.
> Goods assembly to order (basis, box, or by the piece).
> Weighing of goods and cargoes.
> Goods delivery from customs warehouse.

Additional services offered at Luhamaa Terminal:

> Cafe.
> Shower, toilet.
> 60-ton digital platform weight scale.
> Parking lot for trucks and cars.
> Internet, wi-fi, fax, e-mail, document duplication.
> Forklift service.
> Goods transportation arrangement from warehouse to customers.
> Fines and other charges acceptance and payment for the customer.
> Collecting Latvia’s road user charge.

Certificates and licenses

Collade´s customs agency (TA/0196/EE1000EE) has issued the following licenses:
> Customs warehouse operating license CT/0199/EE1000EE
> Customs terminal operating license YT/0120/EE800EE
> Authorized consignor / consignee
> Principal`s license (transit, T1)
> Authorized consignee’s authorization for TIR operations
> Export departure permit approval
> Tax deferment of payment authorization
> Right to use and install Collade customs agency seals